Thursday, January 14, 2010

Working our way out of gridlock

The latest issue is a group protesting the proposed widening of 5 from La Jolla to Oceanside...long way off....5/808 allready the widest freeway in the world?  22 lanes at the split....Joni Mitchell would be horrified.  I love those new bypass a good job of easing the merge/split...rarely does it get as rough there as it did in the past. Ah life in paradise. Caltrans has been busy for years trying to move traffic on San Diego freeways.  A couple of their biggest projects are almost complete.  The 15 though RB with the new HOV lanes seems to be helping both AM and PM commutes.  Remember the mess every afternoon Miramar to RB?  These days it moves pretty well unless there's a crash. BUT...with every daily bottlenecks occur as the HOV's dump out past Lake Hodges.  What about the morning commute on 15, huge improvement.  Rarely gets tough RB to Penasquitos (again unless a crash)  even the Escondido trip is easier.  If you make that drive from Temecula every day you know what I mean.  No more 4-5 mile bumper to bumper 78 to Lake Hodges, just a bit by 78....nice.  While I'm talking about the 15, be honest, haven't you missed the exits off the HOV lanes?  Me too...very confusing.  Note to slow drivers...HOV's are go fast lanes, right?!
New lanes on 52 over Mission Trails Summit are a blessing.  That stretch was too narrow from day one! Life today is miserable on Mission Gorge in Santee...but just wait, 52 to 67 gonna be nice! Now we could use the same help on the 56.  Remember the hassle getting that last 4 miles finished?  Daily problems there..  What about the south bay?
Have you ever been to restaurant row Solana Beach during high tide????  Today's the careful on the 101 through San Elijo Lagoon...big wave Dave day.
Till next time....see you on the


  1. Hey Cal-
    Awesome blog, but I must correct ya :-)...The restaurant row you're talking about is in Encinitas, not Solana Beach. The SB city line is south of there.

    -Encinitas Guy

  2. Stand corrected!

    Thanks Encinitas Guy.....