Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freeway Etiquette

Is there any?  I am ripe for this topic of freeway manners and inconsiderate drivers, just back from 1300 miles up and down the 5, to and from Sacramento.  Holy crap folks....let's get a clue!  The first issue of course is that the stretch north of the Grapvine is just 2 flippin' lanes....and not very well maintained at that....note to Arnold...get this State back on track! we're stuck on a  2 lane freeway for a thousand miles with truck after truck taking up the right lane...the rest of us fighting to maintain speed in the left.  Are there really  people out there that don't know to move to the right to let traffic pass??  The answer sadly is yes, either that or there are lots who don't give a damn about anyone but can you drive in your own little world and not notice twenty cars behind you?  Grrrr.....Same thing in the car pool lanes...if traffic is backing up behind you, speed up or move over...
Writing this now it seems a little petty but man I was fuming yesterday!  Just a little consideration for your fellow man folks....Geez now I'm starting to sound like a lefty....can't we all just get along?  How's that working out for ya?  And I'm serious about the maintenance thing.  Holy crap I drive on better roads when I go visit my sister in San's embarrassing, not to mention hard on the car and I'm in a Land Rover for heaven sake.  You can't tell me it's the fast drivers that cause's the ones that drive with only their selfish selves in mind..usually too scared to be there in the first dad used to call them "nervous nelly's"....their the ones causing the accidents.  Get off my bumpy highway!  Or at least pull over.
Sorry....thanks for letting me safe...see you on the