Monday, January 25, 2010

When our kids drive.

I have one teen driver, my 17 year old daughter.  Do we ever get used to seeing them pull out of the driveway without at least some minor panic?  I've given this much thought over this past weekend following a fatal crash that involved a teen driver near Steele Canyon High last Friday afternoon.  The collision killed a 50 year old father and left others scarred for life. It just so happens that because I live in the east county and have similar aged kids, we have crossed paths with those involved.  Six degrees of separation and an entire community is affected. Just as those in other parts of the county were surely affected by the rash of teen accidents late last year in Escondido and Rancho Santa Fe.
My wife Terri, wise as she is,  brought home what I think is the reason we feel the panic when the kids head out on the streets.  We were talking about the cruel comments to the on-line article about this recent crash and she said "...he wasn't doing anything we haven't all done when we were kids...." can't argue with that.  How did we survive, right?  How often have we said that.  But for dumb luck many of us wouldn't be around today, or at least heavily scarred.  Those that are responsible should pay a price, as this young man will.  But be honest, it could happen to anyone, your kid or mine.  So what's the solution?  Not really sure there is one, but let's start by bening honest with ourselves and our teenage drivers.....maybe if we level with them about our past mistakes they will avoid making some of their own, not all mind you, but it would be good to have them around to pass it on to their kids........see you on the

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