Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coronado Bridge

The past month has been a challenging time for Coronado commuters.  With three aircraft carriers now home ported at North Island the bridge can get crazy....especially in the mornings.
On April 12 the Vinson arrived making San Diego her new home....also arriving the 3300 crew members to further add to an already jammed bridge.  The navy says the three ships will seldom be in port at one time but for at least another month you should expect heavy traffic.  The Reagan is scheduled to depart in June for exercises off Hawaii.
It's hard to believe but there has been the odd complaint from Coronado residents.  Are you kidding me?  Overall though I expect the folks on Coronado embrace their military neighbors and deal with the bridge as being part of life on the island.....not a bad place to live....not to mention respecting our military men and women for all the obvious reasons. 
So deal with the's the "FUBAR of Freedom"!!!
Take your family to the harbor and gaze at the powerful site of three Nimitz Class Carriers with her crew ready to defend your freedom....the Vinson, Nimitz and the Reagan.  In fact...if you get a chance while on Coronado  be sure to eat at Clayton's....a wonderful diner that caters to and fully supports the personnel stationed there.
That's my shout out to the military...thanks for all you do. Be safe.....see you on the