Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Days

We all know it's coming, some of us prepare out property with sand bags.  But most of us never think about changing our attitudes on the freeway....until it's too late.  This week take a moment to prepare for very difficult commutes.  Plan to leave early, leave your motorcycle at home ( I did and plan to all week)... those tips seem obvious but you'd be surprised.  You know the barricades will be up in Mission Valley, ramps will be slippery and mud and rocks will come rolling off the hillsides.  I've found that most accidents during our storms involve just one car...sideways on the shoulder or worse, overturned and over the side.  On and off ramps are waiting to bite you and invariably the water will collect in the right lanes of the freeway. Plan accordingly.
As I write this on Monday afternoon we've been hit with overturns, flooding, closures, slides, trees down , power outages (dark signal lights).  Be safe, slow down, keep vigilant and stay off the phone.
See you on the
Tuesday that was a storm!  Tornado warnings in San Diego?  Very rare.  CHP and other agencies hopping all afternoon....noon to 3pm today  CHP responded to 94 accidents.  Power outages throughout the county and more systems on the way later this week. Plan ahead, slow down and lights on.

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