Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Highway 78 needs help!

So now that the UT has published an article stating the obvious to those in the North County, that the 78 commute in San Marcos is the busiest in the land...no kidding!....what can be done?  Every afternoon, right on time, unlike the Sprinter, the gridlock slows it down eastbound to the 15.  Hey wasn't the Sprinter and the millions spent supposed to alleviate this?  We don't like mass transit, we won't use mass transit, yet it's shoved down taxpayers wallets time and time again.  It wasn't that long ago that the 78 had a major face lift  between the 5 and 15...three lanes each way.  Alas, like many projects before it....too little too late.  Now what?  Well Caltrans has nothing official on the books but the City of San Marcos, according to the  UT, has been throwing money their way to make improvements near CSU San Marcos. 5 mill hear and 4 mill there, good luck with that! In the meantime those in the know continue to use S. Santa Fe and  Mission as alternates.  If only that guy on the radio would stop telling everyone else about those super secret routes.....be safe...see you on the radio.....cal

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  1. Yeh - that guy on the radio is a real pain in the ass!!!!